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Bolivia Felipe Diaz Taipiplaya


Wonderful sweet lime acidity, ripe hop, grapefruit, complex and intense cup.

For us, a Bolivian crop never disappoints, and this coffee is a prime example. Generally good quality Bolivian coffee is only to be found in fairly small volumes and what is presented could be deemed as a high price. This makes our Bolivian crops far more expensive than say a top quality Central American.  However, we feel the cup quality more than merits the price.

The other thing to say is that this crop comes from a single producer (Felipe Diaz) farming fewer than 10 hectare which is achieving some very high quality yields. This is also unusual as most of the quality crop that comes out of Bolivia is coop based.

We are scheduled to spend some time in Taipiplaya Bolivia this year (2017/18), which lies about 160 kilometres from La Paz in the heart of a prime coffee-producing region. The area is lush and fertile, and its steep slopes and valleys provide excellent conditions for growing speciality coffee, as well as supporting a diverse range of native flora and fauna.

The harvest is from May to September, with main crop coming in June-July. The cherries are handpicked when ripe and are fully washed. The cherries are then dried over a 10 day period.

1600 - 1800 Masl
Felipe Diaz
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