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Brazil Pedra Grande SW Decaf


Sweet walnut, pecan, milk chocolate, mild fruit notes, silky and smooth.

Sul de Minas is well known as a high quality coffee region in southern Minas Gerais state. Located in the southeast region, Minas Gerais is Brazil’s largest coffee-growing state. Nearly 50% of the national coffee production comes from Minas Gerais and in particular, it is one of the major specialty coffee sources in the country. Almost all of the coffee plantations in Minas Gerais produce Arabica , separated into four distinct growing regions: Sul de Minas, Cerrado de Minas, Chapada de Minas and Matas de Minas.

This farm has been producing Yellow Bourbon variety for 50 years.The conditions such as volcanic soil, weather and altitude of 1200 meters combine to give the coffee such fine acidity, body and sweetness. Ademar, the farm’s manager, was born on the farm. His father was the previous manager. The farm has an observatory with a fascinating, beautiful evening view of Sul de Minas (Guaxupé, Guaranésia) and Mococa and Cajuru from Mogiana.

All our coffee is sold as whole beans, which we recommend for optimum flavour and freshness. If you don’t own a grinder you can buy one here, or you can specify that you’d like us to grind it for you in your Basket.
1200 masl
Ademar Costana
Sul de Minas