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Brazil Fazenda Pedras


Very sweet / milk chocolaty notes and pecan nut in a remarkably clean finish for a natural Brazil.

This top class cup comes from Fazenda Pedras which belongs to the Santa Rosa Estate Coffee and is located in the city of Soledade de Minas, 15 km from Carmo de Minas, the production region of the finest and most award-winning coffees of Mantiqueira de Minas.

The high-elevations, tropical climate, fertile and well-drained soils together with perfect processing installations make the Santa Rosa group a model of speciality coffee production.

The farm was acquired by the current owners in 1986 and at that time was an uncultivated area. After 20 years of hard work and dedication, it has been transformed into a speciality coffee Santa Rosa Estate. The coffee processing installations on this estate represent the most modern technology; wet processing with green bean separation technology, colour sorting and paved patios for pre-drying, rotating dryers and 10 wooden rest boxes for the individual handling of the production lots. The coffees produced on the farm rest in these rest boxes before their final preparation.

The administration of the farm is the role of the owners who follow the production procedures step-by-step. Producing speciality coffees is the result of personal dedication, which this is not lacking on this estate.

The harvested coffee is processed and placed on the drying patio on the same day. At the beginning of the drying, they are placed in thin layers to dry faster. The layers get thicker as the coffee dries. When it reaches the correct humidity, the coffee rests in the wooden rest boxes.

After 60 days of rest, the coffee is sent  to the Cooperative of Carmo de Minas, where it is classified and tested.

Mantiqueira de Minas
Santa Rosa Estate Coffees
900-1250 masl
1kg / 250g / 500g