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Costa Rica Hacienda Sonoara - Washed


Wonderful sweet lime acidity, ripe hop, grapefruit, complex and intense cup

The farm located in the Central Valley of Costa Rica, at the foot of the world renowned Poás Volcano. The farm's area is approximately 100 hectares, which is composed of 65 hectares of shaded coffee, 25 hectares of wild forest reserve, and 10 hectares of sugar cane. The average altitude is 1,200 meters above sea level.

Coffees grow in an environment surrounded by exotic trees and other vegetation, providing a great condition for quality, as well as improving the chemistry of the already naturally rich volcanic soil. Thanks to the farm’s diverse ecosystem, many different species of birds and animals seek refuge in the land.

The farm has a well-known reputation for commitment to quality micro-lots, specific varietal and processing separation, and fulfilling their goal to leave a positive impact on the environment and people that surround their business. All of the energy consumed by the farm is 100% renewable energy harvested on the farm powering the mill and electricity for local workers.

This coffee is processed at the Palmichal Coffee Mill. In 2015, the Palmichal Mill began by processing micro-lots from 5 to 100 bags from 1,200 specific micro-lot farms and varietals.

The Honey Natural is a blend of 50% Black Honey processed coffee and 50% natural processed coffee. Black honey process means that those coffee beans were processed with 100% of the mucilage still intact.

All our coffee is sold as whole beans, which we recommend for optimum flavour and freshness.
1800 - 1900 masl
Fully washed and screen-dried on raised beds
Carrillos Altos de Poas
  • Costa Rica Hacienda Sonoara - Washed