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El Salvador Finca Banquinas


Rounded and sweet. Roasted cacao, almond, fig. Crisp, lively acidity; silky and light. Gentle finish.

Finca Banquinas is a small family farm run and managed by Don Pedro Francisco with the support of all other family members - incuding his mum pictured. The farm takes advantage of its active volcanic soil and natural geysers, rich in organic material and natural potassium to grow an outstanding crop.

This farm is located in Citalá, Chalatenango, in the western part of the northern mountain range and sits at an average of 1600 masl. The coffee is completely shade grown and it is surrounded by a natural forest which is home to many species of mammals and over 100 species of migratory birds.

The crop is picked very selectively and delivered to processing within 3 hrs of picking. Cherries are depulped which removes the outer cherry leaving behind the mucilage, then the cherry goes through a wet fermentation process for around 20 hours, to break down the mucilage, then washed through a scrubber to remove what remains of the fermented mucilage. When clean the coffee is then sun dried.

The farm provides steady jobs for about 7 workers and around 40 during picking season, supplying them with food, decent housing and access to medical care and schooling for their children.

All our coffee is sold as whole beans, which we recommend for optimum flavour and freshness.
1500-1700 mals
Don Pedro Francisco
  • El Salvador Finca Banquinas