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Nicaragua Mierisch Finca Cerro Azul

Rounded body and medium acidity with chocolate and caramel flavour notes.
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Complex / Dark Fruits / Clean Acidity

The largest country in the Central American isthmus. It has a population of just over 6 million. Managua, the capital, is the third-largest city in Central America.

Nicaragua is bordered by Honduras to the North, the Caribbean to the East, the Pacific Ocean to the West Costa Rica to the South.

Nearly one fifth of Nicaragua is designated as a protected nature reserve. The Bosawás Biosphere in the northern part of state Jinotega, is a tropical forest and designated UNESCO biosphere reserve.

At approximately 20,000 km² it is the second largest rainforest in the Western Hemisphere after the Amazon in Brazil. Bosawás is largely unexplored, and is extremely rich in biodiversity.

Our Jan 2016 origin trip focused on the coffee farms on the South West corner of this stunning rainforest area opposite the Datanli el Diablo nature reserve. Here we found farmers dedicated to looking after their workers and meticulously growing and processing their coffee.

The complex, dark fruit flavours and super clean, light acidity are delicious.