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Nicaragua Los Placeres Natural Co2 Decaf


Cooked brown sugar, monkey peanut and caramel.

This is such a wonderful decaf - Los Placeres is situated in the Jinotega region of Nicaragua, this farm sits perched on a cliff high above the beautiful Lago Apanas, north of Jinotega.

Like most farms in this area it sits on wonderful coffee growing land coupled with the combination of daily cloud cover and heavy forest which leads to a very slow maturation of the cherry and therefore a very dense bean. The farm’s height sits just 1000 meters.

The whole process / processing on this farm is very manual alowing the family pay attention to detail at every stage. The beans are harvested by hand only when perfectly ripe. All cherries for this natural process lot are initially drying on raised beds and then transported to lower elevations for the final sun drying and processing.

The workers are rewarded by picking only the ripest cherries. The Mierisch family has put in a lot of effort to give back to the communities who work and live the various farms. Some of the initiatives include providing access to childcare for working mothers in the farms, educational programs for children, fully stocked and functional clinics at the farm, nutritional programs and a general store stocked with low cost sundries for the communities.

 All these resulted in total commitment from the working staff at the farms to produce great coffees.eth

All our coffee is sold as whole beans, which we recommend for optimum flavour and freshness.
970 MASL
Fincas Mierisch