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Colombia Inga Mystique Nariño


Swiss chocolate, vanilla, orange creamsicle / Piquant acidity / Creamy body.

The Inga Mystique lot is produced by a small producers' association called Sandoná Group in Sandoná, Nariño. The organization supports about 17 coffee growers.

The group has established a partnership with Inconexus, an exporter of Colombia coffee; they work in partnership to improve farming techniques in order to improve quality and increase the value of  their coffee.

The primary shade tree for Sandoná's is the Inga tree, a common shade tree known for its nitrogen-fixing properties. This lot was wet-milled at Belcosub, a local beneficio.

All our coffee is sold as whole beans, which we recommend for optimum flavour and freshness. If you don’t own a grinder you can buy one here, or you can specify that you’d like us to grind it for you in your Basket.

1900 - 2000 masl
Sandoná Group
Sandoná, Nariño
  • Colombia Inga Mystique Nariño
  • Colombia Inga Mystique Nariño