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Honduras Bella Vista Natural 30


Thick jammy mouthfeel of strawberry, blueberry, milk chocolate.

We asked and Finca Bella Vista provided.

We wanted this coffee to be picked were separated into three lots to be processed three different ways - washed, natural 30 days drying and black honey process.

So same picking, same cultivar, same altitude, same ripeness, same everything apart from the process.

Processing the same coffee three different ways allows us to taste and experience process used not just the coffee which gives rise to very different flavours and mouthfeel.

Whether you buy all three processes and taste them next to each other or you just try one you are in for an incredible assault on the senses as there has been no expense spared in producing these coffees, no limitations or restrictions at all

All our coffee is sold as whole beans, which we recommend for optimum flavour and freshness.
1250 - 1480 masl
Maria Lidia Rodriguez Chacon
Victoria, State of Yoro
  • Honduras Bella Vista Natural 30