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Electric Red XMAS Blend


A thick syrupy spicy dried fruit (Christmas Pudding) cup of magic.

This lovely winter warmer has been developed to encapsulate the full-bodied comfort feeling of winter with a delightful, spiced fruit flavour, reminiscent of Christmas pudding and the festive season. 

Black honey coffee production requires skill, dedication, the freshest cherries and such gives rise to some fantastic, very high-quality coffee.  It’s the rarest of all the honey process coffees and is often only available in scarce quantities during certain times of the year. The coffee we selected has notes of dark sticky stewed fruit with a viscous, lush mouthfeel. We have balanced this with a sweet, fruity but acidic natural coffee from Ethiopia to make a sensational seasonal speciality coffee.

This blend is just fantastic as a very rich espresso or a wonderful filter drip but does go well with a drop of milk.

So here it is and will only remain so until Jan 11th 2021.

Enjoy for a limited time.

All our coffee is sold as whole beans, which we recommend for optimum flavour and freshness.
Coyametla Black Honey
Tariku Mengesha Yirgacheffe Natural
  • Electric Red XMAS Blend