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Peru Quebrada Valley Red Honey


Chocolate, dark berry fruit, mango, candyfloss sweetness

This coffee is made up from lots grown by 37 smallholder farmers in and around the fertile Quebrada Valley in the Yanatile district of Peru’s southern highlands. It is the area’s main legal crop and as such plays an important role as the most profitable alternative to growing coca – the plant used to produce cocaine which is frequently grown (illegally in Peru) in the same areas as coffee.

These small farms are located at between 1200 to 1900 metres above sea level in the steep Andean valleys in the region around Cusco. Most are traditional family run operations which have been passed on from generation to generation of farmers. All are fully organic certified and their coffee is grown in the shade of native trees including pacaes, pisonay, yanay, incaty, sumbaillo, achihua, chalanqui, motoy, toroc, lúcumas, pashacos and paltas trees. These provide important habitat for many indigenous bird and animal species such as parrots, humming birds and armadillos.

The harvest runs from March until August. All of the family usually take part - around five people - plus another five temporary workers. The coffee is fully washed by each producer in the traditional manner. The bad or unripe cherries are separated by immersion in water (the ripe cherries sink) then the cherries are depulped and fermented for between 12 and 18 hours to remove the mucilage. The waste water from this process is filtered to avoid contaminating the surrounding land. The coffee is then dried in the sun on concrete patios until it reaches 12% humidity.

Each individual lot is blind cupped by our partners at origin, Café Verde/HVC, before being included in the overall lot. Café Verde/HVC are working with these farmers to increase the quality (and therefore profitability) of their coffee hosting workshops and courses and encouraging farmers to plant more of their land with native Arabica varietals.
1200 - 1500 masl
Red Honey
37 smallholder farmers
1kg / 250g / 500g
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