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Belgian Drinking Chocolate Shavings


We’re not messing around here - this drinking chocolate is very rich and very self indulgent with a super smooth mouthfeel - sweet, but not syrupy sweet.

We developed for our customers just the most outstanding Belgian drinking chocolate known to mankind (probably).

The drinking chocolate shavings come in a 250g resealable bag and is made from the finest Belgian chocolate using 100% Cocoa Butter and 100% Natural Vanilla as opposed to regular hot cocoa drinks. The 100% cocoa butter and natural vanilla provides a very rich and indulgent chocolate taste with smooth mouth feel.

How To Make

It's up to you how much chocolate to use depending on what style of hot chocolate you want to make, although we recommend starting with 30g per 340ml (12oz) mug. Find a small saucepan, pour in 320ml of milk (it may as well be full fat), toss in your Belgian drinking chocolate shavings and heat (do not boil). Plop on some fresh whipped cream if you like and some more chocolate shavings. Slide in a spoon and/or straw and begin your own chocolate therapy session. 


Sugar – 100% Cocoa Butter – 100% Natural Vanilla – Milk Fat – Soy Lecithin Emulsifier

Made in Belgium, Packed @ Electric Coffee Co Ltd RH12 4QD

Allergen Information

Vegan – may contain dairy and nut traces – made in a factory where peanuts and sesame seeds are used - free from colouring, GM and preservatives[Belgian Drinking Chocolate Shavings 250g]

100% Cocoa Butter
100% Natural Vanilla
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