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Sweet mandarin, orange blossom, cane sugar and a caramel finish

Montebonito is a small town with a population of less than a thousand inhabitants.that sits on the road between Manizales and Honda and borders the slopes of the CerroBravo.

The town still holds on to the traditions of the campesinos (Tenant farmers) and allows a view into the history of life as farmers in the high Andes of Colombia.

The town was heavily affected by the civil war and three times was taken over by the FARC in its past.

Coffee growers from this region, are very small with only between 1 - 3 hectares with 89 associates in the group from this Lot of coffee.

They are responsible for full management of the farm and will pick the coffee themselves only asking for help from their neighbours when needed.

During the harvest the coffee is picked, depulped and left to ferment forbetween 16 to 18 hours. Next day the coffee is then washed and is ready for drying. Some of the farmers have ́ ́Eldas ̈(on the roof of the house), some have carros quindianos ́ ́ (drying beds with a rail system ) the rest have aparabolic tents for drying the coffee for between 10 -14 days depending on the climate.

After this the coffee will then be delivered to the Manizales Cooperative collection point in the town. Here it is assessed and separated according to quality where the producers receive extra payment for good quality.

There is also an extra premium for producers who deliver the coffee to the Cooperartive below 11% moisture. From the collection point the coffee then travels to the cooperative warehouse in Manizales where it is stored. After this the coffee is milled and prepped for shipment

All our coffee is sold as whole beans, which we recommend for optimum flavour and freshness.

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Monte Bonito Coop