Coffee / Tanzania


Tanzania Mufaumbo AA SW Decaf

Dark chocolate, green apple, raspberry, and honey all in the mix with a Kenya-like brightness - pungent and citric.
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Rhubarb / Forest Fruits / Complex Acidity

A stunning country in East Africa within the African Great Lakes region. It is bordered by eight countries including Kenya and Uganda to the North and has an Indian Ocean coastline of approximately 800 kilometres.

Dense mountain forest can be found in the Northeast, with a large plateau of wide open plains in Central Tanzania. 38% of Tanzania's land area is set aside as protected conservation areas, with 16 national parks including the magnificent Serengeti National Park.

Coffee from Tanzania is often overshadowed by that of Kenya and Ethiopia, but with careful sourcing we have found some very interesting coffee from single estates and co-operatives.

These coffees are well worth seeking out and offer complex flavours, red berries, forest fruits, rhubarb and black tea, with some bright complex acidity.