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Guatemala Ericka Funez

Apricot and stewed fruits, floral upfront and a juicy red wine finish
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Light Fruit / Rich Chocolate

Situated in Central America, Guatemala is positioned between Mexico to the North and Honduras to the East and El Salvador to the Southeast.

Belize occupies the Northeast tip. To the Southwest lies the Pacific Ocean and to the East the Caribbean Sea.

From 1960 to 1996 Guatemala endured a bloody civil war. Since a United Nations negotiated peace agreement, Guatemala has shown economic growth and successful democratic elections. Though it continues to struggle with high rates of poverty, crime and instability.
Guatemala's biologically significant and unique ecosystems, contribute to Mesoamerica's designation as a biodiversity hotspot.

Natural disasters have a long history in this geologically active part of the world and with leaf rust becoming and increasing problem many producers have turned to other crops.

Coffee in Guatemala is traceable down to single estates and farms. Since our early sourcing trips in 2011 we have been rewarded with some delicious coffee displaying the diversity and complexity Guatemala has to offer.

A range of flavour notes can be found from heavier bodied rich chocolate to more complex lighter fruit flavours.