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El Salvador

El Salvador Finca Banquinas

Rounded and sweet. Roasted cacao, almond, fig. Crisp, lively acidity; silky and light. Gentle finish.
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El Salvador Finca El Porthron

Milk and dark chocolate, sweet floral properties bring a balance to the cup – super clean mouthfeel
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El Salvador


Smooth / Sweet / Good body/ Balanced

The smallest country in Central America bordered by Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua with over 20 volcanoes over 300 rivers.

El Salvador's position on the Pacific Ocean creates severe weather conditions, including tropical rainstorms, hurricanes and severe droughts, amplified by the El Niño and La Niña effects.

Deforestation and soil erosion have made the landscape vulnerable to landslides and forest fires. These characteristics, make the country and its crops highly vulnerable to the impacts of extreme weather and volcanic activity.

Our most recent trip (Jan 2016) allowed us to explore further the rich volcanic mountain estates up to 2000 MASL looking out towards the Pacific coastal plains. The rich soil and thermal activity creates a dramatic backdrop and a unique fertile environment which impacts on the coffee flavour.

The farmers here were great hosts, allowing us to stay with them at their fincas and mills, further developing our brilliant working relationship.

These are some of the most progressive farmers we have encountered with exciting experimental gardens growing unusual coffee varieties.

The coffee we buy from these farms is complex and quite stunning, expect super soft, fruit acidity (Cranberry, apple), aromatic floral notes with a smooth silky mouthfeel.