Coffee / Ethiopia


Ethiopia Djimmah - Forest Harvested

Fusty wild chocolate notes / Malty caramel sweetness / Winey finish with a laided aftertaste
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Ethiopia Kayon Mountain Estate

Bergamot, jasmine, black tea. Complex and floral with a rounded, creamy body.
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Floral / Earl Grey / Tropical Fruit

Generally considered the birthplace of coffee.

More specifically Coffea Arabica is a native of tropical Africa; Southern Ethiopia, Southern Sudan (Boma Plateau).

Coffee was certainly first exported from here and given it’s early association within the story of coffee the flavours that can be discovered within Ethiopian coffee can be something of a surprise.

Most consumers are more familiar with the rich, full bodied and relatively low acidity coffee from Brazil (the world’s largest producer) than the complex, floral, delicate Ethiopian flavours.

Exploring Ethiopian coffee is an exciting journey, demonstrating huge diversity, from the floral, aromatic coffee of Yirgacheffe, with it’s Bergamot, tea like character, to the heady, winey, blueberry, notes of Harrar with rich chocolate and hint of smokey spice.

This rich diversity mirrors the landscape in which it grows, which rises from desert, through tropical flora and fauna to a near alpine climatic conditions, dissected by the Great Rift Valley.

The landscape never fails to impress and neither does the coffee.