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Micro Lots & Limited Editions

Nicaragua Guapotal El Socorro - (MICRO LOT)

Think flapjack with lots of butter and golden syrup - with nuts...
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Micro Lots & Limited Editions


Growers specialising in low volume but very high quality coffee

Micro lots are small batches of coffee that have been grown on a relatively small plot of land.  The smaller plots allow producers to focus their expertise, efforts and time on creating unique small batches of coffee that emphasise certain qualities which gives rise to remarkable and exquisite tasting coffee.  

If you didn't know, growing coffee is a lengthy process, taking approximately 4 years from seed to harvest. Consequently, the development of micro lots has been an area where both buyers and growers have been the drivers of research, investigation and experimentation into the production of coffee with a breadth of individual and interesting characteristics.  

With smaller plots, particular altitudes, varied soil composition and separate agricultural techniques and process the farms can develop the special qualities of these coffees. The smaller land area, separation of production and the additional devotion that is required for micro lot production generate small volume, very high-quality crops which are analogous to "Limited Edition" coffees.