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DR Congo Rebuild Women's Hope


Deep berry tones, hints of sweet mandarin orange and stone fruit, and the subtle emergence of Christmas spice

Despite the Kalashnikovs, kidnapping and corruption, the Congo is one of the last frontiers for the world’s best-tasting coffees and oh boy you are in for a taste treat with this well deserving and stunning Rebuild Women's Hope Lot 5.

Still today in the DRC, a woman has been traditionally considered less valuable than a man; merely an instrument of sexual satisfaction or a producer of children, she is considered incapable of contributing to her family and community’s needs through dignified work.

Rebuild Women's Hope is a non-profit organisation based in Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo.  It was established in 2013 by gender equity pioneer Marceline Budza, with the aim of empowering Congolese women.

In 2015 CoffeeLac, alongside other social impact charities teamed up with Rebuild Women's Hope in order to use the incredible potential that coffee has in creating economic opportunities for female smallholders on Lake Idjwi.

Together, the partners have provided members of RWH with the tools and the know-how to take control of their economic future by integrating them into the coffee value chain.

All our coffee is sold as whole beans, which we recommend for optimum flavour and freshness. If you don’t own a grinder you can buy one here, or you can specify that you’d like us to grind it for you in your Basket.
1800 - 1900 masl
Lake Idjwi Smallholders
Sud-Kivu Province