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El Salvador Finca El Porthron


Milk and dark chocolate, sweet floral properties bring a balance to the cup – super clean mouthfeel

Yet another amazing coffee from our friends at Urrutias Estates.

We have been working with Rene Urrutias and his family for three seasons now and visit them every year to move the relationship a little further forward in producing coffees for us that are just a little bit different in terms of processing and pick.

Processing and pick influences the taste in the cup and any meaningful progression in this area needs to be done at the farm.

Finca El Porthern is a 200 acre farm with 130 acres given over to growing coffee the rest is forest / habitat.

The direct relationships we build with our producers such a Rene allow us to not only secure the very best coffee (pick of the crop) or single out a variety but also allow us to invest in the experimentation of some unique processing methods

The knowledge we gain by successful experimentation we transfer to other producers we work so we can develop their coffee in the way we like it.

All our coffee is sold as whole beans, which we recommend for optimum flavour and freshness.
1,110 masl
Urrutias family
El Balsamo Mountain Range
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