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Ethiopia Chelelektu Natural


Funky, winey, wild blackcurrent fruit notes (ribena) with a natural sweetness that fills the cup with explosive taste

One of the first coffees to land from Ethiopia this year comes from the Chelelektu mill which we first visited back in 2013. Chelelektu is a in the district of Kochere in the Gedeo zone of Southern Ethiopia.

As you drive into these prized growing areas (and others) you start to see a lot of small garden farms along the road that are generally farming around 1000 to 1800 trees per hectare. The growers harvest their crop and sell it to collectors who have either been sent out by the local washing station / mill to collect certain coffee or collectors who are acting on their own inventiveness and then sell to mill.

Growers can sell direct to the washing station / mill, but where they don’t you will see their crop being collected by the bag or weight measure. This is very similar to how coffee is collected in Sumatra. The main issue for the growers in not selling direct to mill is transportation – physically getting the coffee cherry to the washing station.

When we visited the mill they were processing both washed and natural coffees and in both cases the cherry was being meticulously processed and seeing this year’s crop has almost no distraction in the cup, in terms of earthy, or musty flavours sometimes common in Ethiopian natural coffees this meticulous approach to processing at this mill must still be the case as this is a wonderful cup.

1800 - 2200 masl
Chelelektu Washing Station
Gedeo Zone
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