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Citrus refined sweetness all the way through to the finish with notes of orange blossom, mandarin, lime & honey

Tano Ndogo is a newly formed farmers group from Gitwe, in Kiambu County. The group is composed of 3 brothers from the Muuru family, plus 2 neighbours from the same village.

The name Tano Ndogo means “small five” in Swahili, to represent the 5 founding members.

The Muuru inherited their farms in 2001 when their father passed away and the blocks were split amongst his sons. Joseph, Francis and James have 3.3 acres each. While the neighbours, Gichega Farm and Kariru estate, are of similar sizes, but placed in the north of the same town.

Joseph, Francis and James are also the brothers of James Kariuki - the owner of Fram Farm - who was crowned winner of the East Africa Taste of Harvest competition in 2017. Not to be outdone, Tano Ndogo won 5th Place in the same competition this year.

All our coffee is sold as whole beans, which we recommend for optimum flavour and freshness.
1800 - 1900 masl
Muuru family
Kiambu County.