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Ethiopia Mustefa Abakeno Natural


Sweet tobacco, cinnamon spice and apple sours all wrapped in a milk chocolate body

Mustefa Abakeno is a smallholder farmer who owns 18 hectares of land near to Agaro in the Jimma area of Western Ethiopia.

The farm and wet mill is located 2040 MASL and is planted with various variety selections from the Jimma research centre.

Mustefa has a small disk pulper, which he uses for his washed coffee and the other half is dried as a natural such as this lot.

Mustefa has recently registered as an exporter in order to start selling his coffee directly to buyers, which he is now able to do since the changes to regulation in Ethiopia. He has set up a small wet mill where he processes his farm’s and outgrowers’ coffee, which he keeps separate and dries on raised beds near his house.

Mustefa’s outgrowers are all neighbours and have between 4 and 10 hectares of land each. He is processing both natural and washed coffee and all of it is dried semi-shaded.

This natural processed coffee is grown in south western Ethiopia in the regions of Kaffa and Illubabor. Although these areas account for around 50% of the coffee exported from Ethiopia (most of it commercial grade) they also produce a restricted amount of specialty grade coffee which is mainly forest harvested. Forest harvested basically means it is self sown and grows under the shade of natural forest trees.

All our coffee is sold as whole beans, which we recommend for optimum flavour and freshness. 
2040 MASL
Mustefa Abakeno
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