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Honduras Maria Rodriguez (Natural)


Very clean, crisp buttery cup with notes of orange, lemon and peach.

Finca Bella Vista is owned by the wonderful Maria Lidia Rodriguez Chacon - we have been working with Maira for a number of years and she has always provided some great micro lots coffees and this is no exception. A fine washed coffee picked from an area on the farm that has cloud mist in the morning and sun under shade in the afternoon. You are in for an incredible assault on the senses as there has been no expense spared in producing this coffee,

The coffee was picked from the highest part of the farm at 1480 masl. The farm at this altitude represents a unique microclimate with diverse shade trees, tropical rainforest conditions and is irrigated by natural spring waters.

The Farm is located on the outskirts of Pico Pijol which has been declared a National Park and Forest Reserve by the Honduran Government and every effort has been made to be in tune with national conservation efforts changing its washing methods and management of waste accordingly in its wet mill. Additionally professional forest management and conservation methods are employed to protect the native trees where the coffee crops are grown and more than 200 hardwood trees.

Maria is committed to social responsibility and supports the local community which comprises of around 60 families. Each family lives on land donated by the Finca which includes the land for the community school. Located on the outskirts of the famous Parque Nacional Pico Pijol (national forest preserve) near the village of Tegucigalpita, municipality of Victoria, State of Yoro. Pico Pijol is situated on the flanks of Montaña de la Flor (Mountain of the Flower) one of the major peaks of La Cordillera Central with an altitude of 7550 feet (2300 meters).

 All our coffee is sold as whole beans, which we recommend for optimum flavour and freshness.
1250 - 1480 masl
Maria Lidia Rodriguez Chacon
Victoria, State of Yoro
  • Honduras Maria Rodriguez (Natural)